Here is a request a lot of people have asked about.
         It took place at Way of The Cross Baptist Church         
         In Cleveland, Tennessee, October 27, 1999Burman_Cape_(

       When Bro.Ed Ballew and Bro. Burman Cape
       sat down and and talked and told stories of their
       years in the ministry,stories that will make you
       laugh and cry..  I promise you will be Blessed.  


 Messages on Cd and Dvd by Dr.Ed Ballew 
 Donation for Cd 's are $ 6.00 and Dvd's $ 7.00  Shipping and Handling Included In Price

The Messages On CD That Are From The 1970'S
Will Have A * Beside The Title

CD                                                                     DVD

1. The Three Crosses. *                                                                      1.The Love Of God..1988                                                           

2.What is a Christian.  *                                                                     2. Somebody's Watching You...1988                                                                                                                              

3.Let Us Go On In Spite Of.                                                                3. Something's I Want Be Controlled By...1988 

4.Building Memories.                                                                          4. Crumb or Loaf...1988                                                                                                                          
5.What To Do When Your On The Bottom.                                         5. What Sin Will Do...1995                                                                                             
6.Then Came The Pharisee.                                                                 6.The Most Dangerous Thing...1989

7.He Is Able.                                                                                         7.Good News, Bad News. 
8.Believe.                                                                                              8.Things That Are For Sure.

9.The Sickness of Mankind.                                                                 9.How To Recognize A Christian.

10.Why I Love To Preach The Word.                                                  10. Prayer...1988                 

11.Somethings I'm Still Excited About.                                              11.The Tragedy Of A Bad Choice. 
12.Mistakes.                                                                                         12. Ambassadors For Christ...1988

13.I Ain't Going With Them.                                                                13. How Do You See Yourself...1991
14.The Gift Of God.                                                                               14.Divine Forgiveness.

15.When Is Your Appointment.                                                            15. Revival...1988

16.Hell. *                                                                                               16.Somethings I Sill Get Excited About..2004 

17.Oh What A Savior.                                                                            17.I Find No Fault In Him.

18.Valleys.                                                                                             18.Confusion. 1988
19.When Men Go Wrong.                                                                      19.But Grow. 1980's
20.Prayer. "Sand Mt Bible Camp"                                                         20. Be Thou Faithful
21.Camping On The Edge.                                                                     21.Why I Can Face Tommorrow .  
22.Somethings I Want Be Controlled By.                                             22.Blessing or Burden

23.Good Ole Days.                                                                                 23.We Need Stirred Up. 
24.What Has You Tied.                                                                          24. I Ain't Going With Them. 
25.What Will It Take To Bring You To God.                                         25.Suddenly.
26.You Can Miss It. *                                                                            26.Obedience.
27.Blind Bartimeaus. *                                                                         27. What He Left For Us.
28.How To Tell When Your Slipping.                                                   28.Be Warned of God. 

29.God Is Looking At Your Heart.                                                        29.Building Memories. 
30.First Things First.                                                                            30. Endure Hardness As A Good Soldier.

31.A Wise Builder.                                                                                31.The Devil Wants To Tie You Up.  
32.Don't Quit.                                                                                      32. Devil Is On The Rampage.

33.America Needs A Revival.                                                               33. Jesus Can Change Your Life. 

34.A Time Of Need.                                                                             34.Somethings You Can Loose.

35.Pleasing God.                                                                                 35. What Damage Has Been Done

36.What Is Good For A Man. *                                                           36. The Three Solemn Days.     
37.How Do You See Your Self.                                                           37. Floods in your Life.

38.Have What You Want, But Lose What You Got. *

39.They Changed Their Mind.

40.Somethings I Know.

41.The Most Dangerous Thing In The World.

42.Why I Can't Quit. *

43. Least We Should Hinder The Gospel. *

44. What Will You Leave Behind. *

45.It Will Break Out. *

46.How's Your Leaper Working.

47. Somebody's Watching You.

48.A Backslidden World. *   

49. God's Troublemakers. *

50. Gold, Diamonds and Brass. *

51. Jonah. *

52. Lot *

53. The Prodigal Son. *

54.The Maniac Of Gadara. *

55.Repentance. *

56.Confusion. *

57. What The Ethiopian Remembered. *

58.Parallel Of Israel And America. *

59.Above The Average. *

60.What Will Happen When Your In The Spirit. *

61.What Will You Do In That Solemn Day. *

62. Is It  Wrong. *

63.Why Do Troubles Come. *


65.I Will Honor God. *

66. The Great Transformation. *
67.I Find No Fault In Him. *

68.Somethings The Devil Wants For You. *

69.Namaan *

70. Getting Your Priorities Right.

71. Scared To Death. *

72.Divine Forgiveness.

73.Set Thine House In Order.

74.Have We Come Down. 

75.Endure Hardness As A Good Soldier 1985

76.But Grow 1985

77. Jesus Can Change Your Life 1985 

78.Great Question In The Bible.

79.Because of Faith.

80. A Time of Need. 

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